Time to polish your risk management skills-MMMK June 13, 2022w Merlin Rothfeld.

We’re anticipating another volatile week. Here’s what to look for:
• The PPI - Producer Price Index announcement on Tuesday at 8:30am ET - Numbers will likely spike sharply following last week’s CPI numbers, which were worse than expected.
• The FOMC Meeting Minutes will be released on Wednesday 2pm ET. Expectations are rates will continue to increase.
• Listen to what Jerome Powell has to say about the sudden spike in inflation during the press conference at 2:30pm ET.
• Retail Sales on Tuesday at 8:30am ET - Expectations have been that it will start to decline, creating some trading opportunities.
• For Forex traders, we have two announcements which may be important. The Swiss National Bank (Thursday 3:30 am ET) and the Bank of England (Thursday 7am ET).
As always, if you’re in the markets, make sure you have a trade plan.

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