Time Management With Peggy Sullivan

In today’s episode, we are joined by Peggy Sullivan. Peggy is the author of the book "Happiness Is Your Responsibility", speaker, mindset coach, and founder of a nonprofit for women called SheCAN!. We discuss time management and how it is related to our happiness, the science behind happiness, and Peggy shares a few tips on how to improve your time management skills. Plus, Peggy tells us how she went from being always late to teaching people how to plan their day-to-day schedules better, and so create time for things that matter most to them. Tune in to learn more about Peggy’s book “Happiness Is Your Responsibility” and how most people don’t realize that simple things can increase your dopamine and serotonin which make you feel happy.


[08:27] Peggy’s career background. [16:00] Peggy shares her tips on determining priority tasks on your to-do list. [23:35] #1 thing that most people don’t schedule in their calendars (and they should). [27:20] Peggy gives advice on how to get better at time management. [31:52] Peggy’s biggest challenges in starting and growing her business.


Knowing your values is your pathway to happiness. Values are all about things that make you happy. If you don’t have everyday rituals that are based on your values and you can incorporate them into your life, then you are missing out on a quality of life. Time management is about practice. Through practice, you can learn how to change your behavior and your habits which will result in better time management. Your brain can transmit neurotransmitters that will make your body feel good. It'll give you energy. It'll make you feel happy. That can be achieved through simple things like exercise, eating healthy, or getting a good night's sleep. That increases dopamine and serotonin, which makes you feel good.


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