Time Management Training and Skills for Employees Training in PowerPoint with Sound Download

This is a time-management education program for employees and workplace wellness to increase productivity and help employee manage time more effectively. Once you understand the limitations of time, create goals and plans, get some help, and eliminate bad habits, you're in the perfect position to implement practical time management solutions. The following tips are a great place to start:
• Getting to work on time is essential because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Get things ready the night before, set your alarm early so you're not rushed, and make sure you have a good night's sleep.

• To make your mornings more enjoyable, set a routine. Catch up on the news before you get to work, deal with your email and communications early, and create a plan of attack for the rest of the day.

• Efficiency is key if you want to get more stuff done. Instead of relying on your existing working methods, look into automation tools and templates. Efficiency is about working smarter, not reinventing the wheel every time.

• Remove non-essential tasks from your day or, at the very least, segment them into a limited and highly specific time period. It's amazing how much time you can free up when you get organized.

• Do things once, but do them well. Instead of repeating tasks throughout the day, spend a little longer and get it right the first time. Somewhat paradoxically, slowing down is often the best way to be more productive.

• Understand the difference between set time limits and open goals. While time constraints help you complete more tasks, open-ended ambition gives you the freedom to move — you need to understand the difference.

• Not every project or client is worth the same amount of time. While it's important to respect all of your work, it's essential to focus on high-value tasks first.

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