Time Management Hacks For Limitless Productivity | Jim Kwik & Ed Mylett

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I’m thrilled to have Ed Mylett on our show today. Ed is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, philanthropist, podcast host, and best-selling author of Max Out Your Life: Strategies for Becoming an Elite Performer and The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success. He’s here to share how he turned time into a multiplier and how that one shift will change your life.

We’ve all had days where time seems to fly. Or a morning where we’ve gotten more done in a few hours than the last two weeks combined. But time isn’t elusive and the one thing all super productive individuals have in common is that they’ve learned not just how to control their time but maximize it.

The truth is anyone can increase their time-management skills, but you have adjust the way you look at time and what actually makes up a day. As technology progresses, your twenty-four hours isn’t the same as it was one hundred years ago. Listen in, as Ed talks about how to shift your time-management perspective and unlock limitless productivity.


0:00 About Ed Mylett
1:41 Improve your time management capacity
5:54 The concept of multipliers
9:25 The importance of reflection
11:31 The power of one more


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