TIME MANAGEMENT FOR LEARNING ||PUBLIC SPEAKING सिक्ने र अभ्यास गर्ने अबसरको सदुपयोग कसरी गर्ने ?||

Ananta Ram KC is Motivational Speaker,Trainer ,Leadership Coach and Memory Master.He is a Guinness World Record Holder on Longest Speech Marathon.He made the Guinness World Record by giving speech continuously for 90 hours and 2 minutes on various topics from August 27 to 31,2018.He is also an author. He has written two books about motivation and Memory power.He had traveled ,all Nepal,77 districts on foot almost 10,000 KM from 2007 to 2009. He had also traveled 6 provinces of India from Kathmandu to Kaniyakumari of India,Srilanka border, on foot from 2009 to 2010 which is about 4000 Km . He is a Yoga Instructor and Naturopathy Doctor . He has been giving various seminars ,workshops , training for youths and students on memory power , leadership, public speaking , motivation,yoga ,etc. For further inquiries please contact : 9849131181,[email protected]
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