TI-100 Semi-auto braided sleeve wrap-around wire harness casing machine


TI-100 automatic braided sleeve wrap-around machine suitable products: automotive wiring harness, electronic wire, wire and cable, etc.


1.It cut and melt the braided sleeve as per setting length and automatic wear wire harness from one side to another side.
2.It adopts high precision automatic mesh cutting braided sleeve and is applied to the cable network management (braided net)automatic threading equipment, which has a wide practical range.
3. It has the advantage of good threading effect, simple operation, high precision cutting, it is widely used in many types of network management.
4. It adopts fine-tune the photoelectric control system, PLC control system and so on, can set the braided sleeves' length, the revolutionary humanization design idea, The tube-piercing speed adopts the numerical control debugging method, cutting precision is high, the performance is stable.
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