Thyroid Cancer Survivor and Breast Cancer Thriver: Diandra Fields Story of Hope | Exam Room Podcast

Thyroid Cancer Survivor and Breast Cancer Thriver: Diandra Fields Story of Hope | Exam Room Podcast

Show Description: Ten years after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Diandra Fields was dealt a second blow. Doctors again told her that she had cancer, this time in her breast.

While she is still in the fight, it is one she says she is winning, and she credits her devotion to eating a plant-based diet for helping her in this battle.

Why a plant-based diet? As someone with a master’s degree in molecular biology, for Diandra, it all comes down to evidence-based science. And she knew the challenges she would face and is helping to teach the team of doctors who are overseeing her care.

She joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll to share her journey for the first time with the hope that she can help others who are in the trenches with her. Her optimism, enthusiasm, and smarts will certainly be that beacon of hope.

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