This web UI for Ansible is so damn useful!

Ansible Semaphore is the perfect tool for automating your servers, applications, and clean up tasks with Ansible Playbooks. In this video, I'll quickly show you how to install it and some of the stuff you can do with it. If you're new to Ansible, I recommend checking out some of my older videos first to get some foundational knowledge. Let's get started automating your Homelab with Ansible Semaphore! #Ansible #Homelab #Automation

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Ansible Tutorial: https://youtu.be/uR1_hlHxvhc
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Docker + Ansible: https://youtu.be/7Di0twyxw1M

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00:00 - Introduction
00:47 - Advertisement-*
01:33 - Install Ansible-Semaphore
04:09 - How I'm using it in my Homelab
07:51 - How to set up Ansible-Semaphore
13:52 - Set up Task Templates

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