This is How They Make $3M/Year with Airbnb Business

Since buying their first property in 2009, Sid and Eva have grown their Airbnb business Nicasa to 22 properties that generate up to $400,000 in revenue a month. They talk us through how to start Airbnb hosting for beginners in this video.

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The first question many beginners have about how to start an Airbnb business is how to pay for their first property. The good news is, you don’t need to be rich to invest in real estate. Eva was still in college when she used her student loans to buy her first home. She’ll share how to Airbnb your house based on her experience. You’ll also learn about Airbnb arbitrage and other strategies to get started with little money.

Being an Airbnb host doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, either. Both Sid and Eva work full-time jobs in addition to running their properties. They’ll share the tools they use to run the business efficiently and how they’ve built a team to cut their time commitment down to just a few hours a week.

Nicasa’s consistent bookings are what drive their high revenue and 30% profit margins. Sid and Eva will share their Airbnb listing tips for generating consistently high bookings, as well as their Airbnb set up tips and what guests want out of a property. They’ll also explain the business model they use and how their Airbnb pricing strategy both keeps their revenue high and helps them avoid problem guests.

Anyone who wants to get into the Airbnb industry needs to watch this video! And make sure you check out our other interviews with real estate investors for more tips and advice.

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00:00 - START
00:48 - Meeting Eva and Sid
01:16 - Getting started
03:18 - Getting the first property
04:43 - Finding clients
05:06 - Leschi property
05:21 - Tour of the home
05:47 - Managing properties
06:49 - Cost to remodel a home
07:12 - Replacing furnishings
08:52 - Business model
11:07 - Design of Airbnb properties
11:52 - Revenue and margins
12:48 - Factors in choosing properties
15:03 - Investment mistakes
16:09 - Where to find properties
17:14 - Home theater room
17:51 - Scaling an Airbnb business
19:42 - Fan Blitz
20:58 - Booking properties
22:45 - Steps of getting properties
23:55 - Signs of a good investor
24:55 - Rental guest satisfaction
25:41 - Dealing with problem guests
26:19 - Marketing budget
27:21 - In-demand home features
28:00 - What they do differently
29:07 - How to succeed in Airbnb rentals
30:59 - Employees
31:38 - Finding and hiring employees
32:32 - Choosing a name
33:34 - Leadership style
34:57 - Hours worked per week
35:50 - Airbnb management software
37:40 - Attracting clients
39:09 - Airbnb myths
39:51 - Outro

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