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I tell you what, when you try and tell this story you either sum it up in ten minutes with the broadest strokes or you settle in for a rabbit hole made entirely out of onions and ogres. Conspiracy theorists flock together and constantly try and rope each other into the orbit of their personal hobby horse conspiracy, so once you break the surface suddenly you're digging through endless side stories, each with their own cast of characters, trying to figure out if some tertiary claim is true, was maybe true in the past but is no longer true, or was never true, and discover that the only sources on the matter are the same three people quoting each other in an endless circle of false legitimacy.

Written by Dan Olson and Nathan Landel
Performed by Dan Olson
Camera by Dan Olson and Kara Artym
Edited by Dan Olson
Production Assistant Laura Schultz
Featuring music by Young Neighbours - https://linktr.ee/youngneighbours

Special thanks to Eric Pauls, a friend of mine from film school, for digging up 15 year old hard drives just to re-master some songs he wrote back in college when I was like "those old tracks you and Cam did, they've got the perfect vibe I'm looking for!"

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