This DIVIDEND STOCK is on SALE!!! | Warren Buffett Should Buy This Stock

I am excited to talk about the dividend stock that has beaten the market for 30 years and looks to be undervalued by 35%. Based on my assumptions and models, this dividend stock is on Sale. However, each investor should assess their own risk tolerance for each stock before buying.

This dividend king appears to be on sale so I will go through my stock analysis covering the business, management, historical data, and valuation.

Should Warren Buffet buy this stock? Certainly looks like a big fat pitch that Buffett always talks about.

I tailor my investing strategies after Phil Town: 1) Meaning 2) Moat 3) Management 4) Margin of Safety. My fundamental analysis is very similar to what Phil Town teaches in his Rule 1 book. I also took his investing course back in 2019 which has created a solid foundation to my investing approach.

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0:00 Intro
1:21 Business overview
2:45 Moat
3:54 Super Investors
4:11 Financial overview
6:15 Dividend
6:47 Risks
8:25 Valuation

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Disclosure: I am not a financial advisory and all comments expressed in this video are my opinions only. This video is not investment advice and each investor is responsible for all buys/sells within their stock portfolio.
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