This Book Explains How the Whales Invest (Tips & Strategies Used by Institutional Investors)

Capital Allocators is a podcast which was started by Ted Seides in 2017, there’s been over 4 million downloads of this podcast and the purpose of this podcast is to interview the TOP capital allocators in the world. This book is a compilation of all podcasts.

Now, who are capital allocators? Capital Allocators are NOT your average individual investors or hedge fund managers, these FOLKS sit at the TOP of the food chain when it comes to capital.

We're talking LARGE Large Institutions Investors, Endowment Funds, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, we’re talking Government Sovereign Funds, Large Pension Funds, Large trust funds, these are Investors known as Chief Investment Officers or called “Capital Allocators” in this book.

Now, the subtle difference here is that you and I are making decisions where our capital needs to be invested, right? Whether we should invest in the Stock market or real estate or whether we should invest in S&P 500 or the NASDAQ. BUT capital allocators don’t make those decisions, instead, THEY decide WHO the capital NEEDS to go, NOT where, to further invest for the organizations that they represent.

While you and I manage a portfolio of our personal assets like stocks bonds and cash, Capital Allocators manage a portfolio of Money Managers.

The book precisely goes over the strategies and techniques on how to FIND the BEST money managers in the business, sort of like finding a needle in the haystack. And that’s because there was a study done by NEPC, which stated that active money managers oversee approximately over 34,250 funds between US and International Equities, Fixed Income, Balanced Strategies, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Real Estate, and Infrastructure. That is a LARGE Investable universe of funds and fund managers, so the capital allocators SURE have their work cut out for them.

This book provides GOOD perspective from both capital allocator standpoint as well as money manager standpoint and it’s broken down into 2 parts, FIRST the TOOLKIT, which goes over the 5 Strategies and Techniques needed by Capital Allocators to find the best money managers. The 2nd part - Investment Framework, explains the whole process of how capital allocators and CIOs, once find the money manager, deploy capital

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