These Two Assets Are Totally Mispriced | Raoul Pal

In an interview with Blockworks, Macro analyst Raoul Pal gave shared his thoughts on the recession and the two biggest opportunities he’s seeing right now. It’s no secret that many experts and pundits are calling for a recession. Some analysts, like Michael Saylor and Cathie Wood, share the belief that the recession already started. But the market indicators have been mixed. Inflation has been rapid on consumer goods and asset prices, yet unemployment and consumer spending doesn’t suggest that we are in a recession. Whether we are currently in a recession or heading toward one, Raoul believes it will be short-lived. While many pundits believe the Fed is trapped and cannot implement more quantitative easing, Raoul believes the opposite. And that the Fed will find a way to keep quantitative easing, simply because they have no choice. Since there will be a shorter “recession” than people believe, Raoul gave his take on 2 assets that he believes are undervalued right now.

Raoul Pal is the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision and CEO and publisher of The Global Macro Investor. He was co-manager of the GLG global macro hedge fund in London. In 2004, he retired from fund management and started The Global Macro Investor in January 2005. He was one of a relatively small number of investors to predict the mortgage crisis of 2008–2009. He was co-head of hedge fund sales in equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sacks in Europe, based in London.
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