These Monetary TRENDS Aren’t Going Anywhere! Here’s What You Need to Know | Nic Carter

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Having a complete understanding of the financial system we’ve become accustomed to since birth is not only advantageous, but it’s an absolute must. The gap between really understanding the impact and full gravity of inflation and living by a feeling or a suspicion is too wide to ignore. Nic Carter is an entrepreneur, investor, columnist and advisor in the Bitcoin crypto space. He’s joining Tom today to break down some principle ideas and thoughts to help you at least research what you should be doing with your money, your government issued and government backed money. What’s happening with crypto and NFTs isn’t something you can ignore or sleep through. Bitcoin has been going strong for more than a decade. You have a moral obligation to yourself and to your family to at least understand how inflation works, why increasing assets is like theft of your dollar’s value and how you can protect yourself and be part of the wealth redistribution in a way that benefits you more than harms you.


0:00 | Introduction to Nic Carter
1:31 | Does Bitcoin Matter?
4:21 | What is Money?
8:52 | Creating Devalued Money
14:43 | Redistribution & Inflation of Assets
22:24 | Reacting to Inflation
27:54 | Japan’s Stagflation
36:57 | Energy, Euphoria & Bitcoin
40:47 | Fiat Money Explained
45:10 | Do Research Money
49:16 | Bitcoin Value Vs Fiat Value
54:13 | Bitcoin, Digital Gold
57:52 | Value System by Design


“Devaluing the monetary medium that we store our work and labor in is always redistributive. So it's effectively a way to reapportion societal resources from some group to another group.” [9:59]

“there's a wealth effect whereby people feel richer, and then they spend more like if the value of your 401k goes a lot, goes up a lot, you're probably willing to buy that nice new car, if the value of your house goes up a lot” [16:23]

“There's nothing that guarantees that public equity investors in the US are going to earn 7% every year for the rest of all time.” [31:38]

“As an entrepreneur in the crypto space, and someone who allocates capital, my best hope is to sort of create the tools and the systems that regular folks can use to potentially escape a ruinous Fiat system.” [40:15]

“The government cultivates an environment in which the dollar has value. They have certain tools to do that, one is tax policy...” [42:09]

“The first thing is just not not accepting uncritically the narratives coming out of sort of our monetary elites in this country.” [49:06]

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