These 8 LinkedIn Features are Genius, Here’s Why

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Here are 8 powerful, but often overlooked, LinkedIn features that can significantly enhance your job search:

1. *Message Anyone for Free:* If you're part of the same LinkedIn group, you can directly message anyone, including third-degree connections, at no cost. The trick here is to join LinkedIn groups related to your field, school, or company.

2. *People Tab on LinkedIn Pages:* Explore the 'People' tab on your university or prospective employer's LinkedIn page to find potential connections. A pro tip is to copy their names and search within relevant groups to message them directly.

3. *'I'm Interested' Feature:* Simply visiting the 'About' tab of a company's page and clicking 'I'm Interested' could make recruiters take note of your profile. Remember, this feature may not be available on every page, and its effectiveness may vary.

4. *Career Explorer:* This tool helps you understand the career transitions of others in your industry. Use the data provided to shape your own career path, upgrade your skills, and optimize your LinkedIn profile with the most searched titles in your industry.

5. *Skill Assessments:* Demonstrating your skills through LinkedIn's assessments can increase your visibility to recruiters. Professionals at all stages of their career can benefit from this feature.

6. *Career Break Feature:* If you've had an employment gap, you can explain it using the Career Break feature. However, instead of giving a weak impression, creatively use your profile to showcase what you're looking for next.

7. *Featured Section for Job Seekers:* The 'Featured' section isn't just for content creators. As a job seeker, this section can be utilized to display your resume, portfolio, or other significant work.

8. *Personalize Connection Requests:* When using LinkedIn's mobile app, remember to 'Personalize request' rather than simply clicking 'Connect'. This approach can increase your chances of your connection request being accepted.

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