The Wild World of MODERN Resident Evil Clones: Vol 3

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I think we're all aware that I love me some old school survival horror, but for the longest time, I was pretty sure such and old genre just couldn't work nowadays. Well after trying a few modern entries, I changed my tune pretty damn quick. This series was an excuse for me to get rid of my backlog, as it were and correct a historical wrong of mine. We'll be running the gauntlet from new indie hits like Fobia, to older cult classics like Lone Survivor. So sit back and prepare to get a little survival with your horror!

00:00 Intro
01:25 Cryospace
07:20 Fobia
16:53 Brutal Japan
25:03 Lone Survivor
33:19 Heaven Dust 2
40:28 ad
41:29 Murder House
49:45 Conclusion
51:44 End
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