The Value of Transparency When Running a Business w/Fernando Clemente, Mule Media Ep.127

Fernando Clemente joins us to discuss growing his marketing agency, #LeadershipPrinciples that have led to success, the #ValueofTransparency and more.

Fernando Clemente is the owner/President of Mule Media Inc., a digital solutions agency that acts as a full-scale marketing department for companies in need of an entire or partial marketing team. His past professional experience includes real estate, business banking, and retail management.

To learn more about Fernando's work and Mule Media, visit their website:

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0:00 Intro
0:58 About Fernando, his background & his work
3:37 Lessons learned starting from the bottom to agency owner
7:02 Leadership principles that have led to success
8:57 The balance between balance and operations
11:13 The value of transparency
12:26 What he's challenged with
14:49 Important workforce planning lesson
16:42 Final piece of advice
17:34 Where to get ahold of Fernando

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