The Valuation of this Stock Makes No Sense! Or Does It? (NNDM Analysis)

As an investor in NNDM Nano Dimension, it has been puzzling to see the stock price dip to a valuation that has the enterprise value be negative in the hundreds of thousands. Some of this price action is likely attributed to investors being upset with the dilution of shares in the past two years, as well as a lack of improving balance sheets. NNDM is still very early in its execution of the game plan and it does have an impressive leadership team with Yoav Stern at the helm. In my opinion, this will be a very interesting stock to watch in 2022, as a 3D printing enthusiast I am rooting for their success, but am also approaching it in a skeptical manner.

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***I am not a financial advisor or crypto advisor; this video is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only and represents only my personal opinions***

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