The Untold Truth Of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has acted in more movies than some people have even seen. He's been a movie star for decades, starred in some of the most famous action franchises of any generation, and is more or less beloved by the internet at large. But believe it or not, the star of "The Matrix" actually lives a fairly private life when he's not appearing on the big screen at your local cineplex. Considering how close Reeves keeps his cards to his chest, you might not know that the actor dabbles in poetry and comic writing or what his first acting role was. Here's what you never knew about Keanu Reeves.

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Sad Keanu | 0:00
Is Keanu immortal? | 0:56
Alice Cooper was his babysitter | 1:52
Worked as a production assistant | 2:41
First role in a Coke commercial | 3:39
Still not a US citizen | 4:18
He writes poetry | 5:21
He wrote a comic book | 6:31
Does his own stunts | 7:34
Man of Tai Chi | 8:41
Not slowing down | 9:24

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