The Ultimate Guide to Building Business Credit and Investing in Real Estate with Chad C-Note Roper

Check out our recap video of our recent event in Milwaukee with Chad C-Note Roper and the Amplify Family! We covered business credit, real estate, and wealth mindset, providing valuable insights and actionable tips to help you achieve financial success.

This recap video provides a sneak peek into the valuable content that was shared at our event. Whether you're a business owner, real estate investor, or someone who wants to take control of their finances, you'll find plenty of insights and inspiration here.

About Will Roundtree:

From homeless to millionaire, Will Roundtree has established himself as a staple in the real-estate investment sector. His expertise has garnered him recognition amongst his peers and those in his community, equally. As the Founder and top-grossing Principal at WE Management, Roundtree has helped over 1500 small to medium sized businesses get access to over 400 million dollars in funding during a two year period.

About WE Management Services

As a Las Vegas headquartered personal and commercial financial services company, our goal is to provide our clients with a high level of integrity, honesty, and communication. Achieving financial success for your family and/or business can be complicated, but you’re not alone. We help families and entrepreneurs review and improve the different aspects of their financial life, no matter how messy, by addressing a variety of needs such as credit optimization, business funding, real estate coaching, and more. Together, we can enact change for a better tomorrow for you and your family.

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