The Ultimate FSLogix Compilation!!!

FSLogix Compilation gives you all the latest and best info on FSLogix. This Compilation pulls from 4 Azure Academy videos, The SECRET to FSLogix, They don't want you to FSLogix, AZ-140 ep07 FSLogix Storage, AZ-140 ep13 Implement AVD FSLogix Storage. This is 100% of everything you need for FSLogix. Enjoy!

0:00 FSLogix Performance
2:50 FSLogix Persistance
10:15 FSLogix Protection
12:55 FSLogix Profile Shrink
13:45 Office Profiles
16:30 Office Profile Scenarios
19:13 Concurrant Connections
26:25 AZ-140 Capacity
29:13 AZ-140 Management
30:05 AZ-140 Solutions
37:35 AZ-140 Implementation
46:35 AZ-140 File Share Setup
54:25 AZ-140 Homework

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