The ULTIMATE Beginner's Guide to SCALPING

This is a video about the dangers of scalping the financial markets.

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Scalping is perhaps the most common trading strategy among retail traders, and that’s not a coincidence. In this free scalping course for beginners, you’ll understand everything you need to know before attempting any scalping strategy. Scalping is actually a dangerous activity that has many terrible consequences if the trader is unadvised. The goal of this scalping course is to expose the information that no other channel will show you, which is the darker side of scalping under the light of mathematics, statistics, finance, behavioral economics, and neuroscience. Instead of talking about this strategy or that technique, we’ll attack the deeper roots of this unreliable mode of trading that captured the minds of thousands of retail traders over the last years. Many YouTube channels will try to tell you that scalping is the ultimate way of making money, but in here you’ll learn the truth.


00:00 Introduction
00:35 Trinominal Problem of Modern Retail Trading
03:20 Can You Retail Trade for a Living?
18:33 Can You Become Rich Quickly with Scalping?
23:23 Leverage!
32:02 Technical Problems of Scalping
45:08 Two Basic Notions of Finance
48:50 Behavioral Economics of Scalping
55:40 Scalping Addiction: How the Environment Fools Neurochemistry
01:05:20 Neuroscience of Scalping
01:13:50 Scalping Paradigms

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