The Ukrainian Army Has Entered the Crimea Russian Soldiers Are Surrendering! Putin is in Trouble!

The Ukrainian Army Has Entered the Crimea Russian Soldiers Are Surrendering! Putin is in Trouble!.
Welcome to the US More News channel. Watch the video to the end to find out the current and breaking news about the Russian war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian-Russian war, which has affected millions of people and involved many countries in recent years, was now continuing to occupy the global press with different issues. February September, it became known that the Ukrainian landings by Russia had begun, while in September there were counter-moves from Ukraine. According to the statements made by Ukraine, which is known to have liberated many regions since September, the pressure on Russia continues to increase. At this point, while thousands of Russian soldiers were neutralized, it is stated that Russian war materials were seized. Here are all the curious details of the latest hot developments announced about the Russian – Ukrainian war. The National Guard of Ukraine, which has been fighting against the Russian army since September and has managed to liberate many parts of Ukraine, continues to seize different military supplies that now belong to the Russian army. At this point, the last official statements made by the Ukrainian army stated that the Ukrainian National Guard captured a Gryphon 12 unmanned aerial vehicle in the Donetsk Region and the photos taken at this point were shared with the public. Now, millions of people are looking forward to sharing information about the characteristics of the captured unmanned vehicle. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will undergo various trainings on the territory of the countries of the European Union. Specialist commanders will train the soldiers who will receive both individual and collective training. High level specialists selected from various countries will operate to equip the Ukrainian army in a military sense. It was announced that this training process, which will begin in mid November, will last for at least 2 years. The training that will continue in the designated centers will be very useful for many soldiers to be better equipped. Responding to Ukraine's demands, the European Union countries will continue to support Ukraine militarily and contribute to the training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It was announced that these training centers, which are primarily based in Germany and Poland, will be opened in other countries in the future. Many European Union member countries have announced that they are on the side of Ukraine in the face of Russian resistance and that the necessary support will be provided. In addition to military assistance, the countries continue to support Ukraine with financial assistance. In addition to military training aid, financial support to Ukraine is also increasing. Many countries are holding talks with the aim of providing financial support to Ukraine, which is under difficult conditions. The European Union continues to provide financial support to Ukraine in many countries around the world, as well as member states.

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