The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software

Collabit: The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software

With the pandemic that introduced remote working as a primary solution for the corporate sector, a lot of businesses have come to terms with the benefits of field service management software as a necessary tool for online business management.

This kind of software can ease your business management and increase your profits from many angles, such as project scheduling, product inventory management, dispatching workers to their field tasks, and communicating with them during their fieldwork.

If you are in search of the best FSM software for your UK-based business, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will talk about Collabit’s innovative solution, what it can do for you, and most importantly why it is UK’s Best Field Service Management Software.

Gain Efficiencies & Make Complex Processes Simple. Collabit The UK’s Best Field Service Management Software helps organisations become more efficient with a tailored connected system for the whole company.

What is Field Service Management Software?

The name says it all in a straightforward way – this kind of software helps manage field service, as in assisting businesses in handling all their resources more effectively. Field service management is specifically helpful for managers and technicians when it comes to:

- Job scheduling
- Employee training
- Work order management
- Inventory management
- Mobile access
- Field service contract and dispatch management

In general, companies purchase field service management software with a monthly subscription. The prices can vary and they largely depend on the platform’s modules and the size of your business.

The Best Service Management Software Providers in the UK

We offer a plethora of industry-specific software solutions created to address all the niche issues that your business may face. Additionally, Collabit’s innovative toolkit allows you to customize your own solution, with minimal training, and no technical background required.

Planning and Scheduling Jobs

With Collabit’s software, you can easily plan all the scheduled jobs from closed sales opportunities and remedial works found in particular job positions.

We give you a lot of choices in planning and filtering jobs, such as a calendar or map planner view, job types, tags, engineering skills, etc. Furthermore, you get access to planned, completed, overdue, and invoiced jobs.

Dashboards and Reports

Our Dashboards and Reports options lets you keep your complete business data in one system. This way, you can have insight into any aspect of your business’s health – anytime and anywhere.

Customer Service Help Desk

Collabit’s Customer Help Desk Software makes it easy to handle emails, logging calls, and meetings in a single timeline. You can easily find all the required information on one screen and collaborate with your colleagues in acknowledging the feedback from customers.

Sales CRM
Our Sales CRM feature provides great relief for salespeople with managing their tasks, leads, and pipeline with reduced sales admin time.

Payment and Invoicing

Finally, Collabit’s FSM software includes an invoice generator that helps your management team keep track of completed jobs that haven’t been invoiced yet and send a fixed amount of invoices according to the general line item description.

Replace Spreadsheets & Multiple Software Systems with a Simpler Solution

If you are organizing your business activities with spreadsheets, you are probably familiar with all the unnecessary complications in that ordeal. Trying to bridge the gap between software systems can be a real headache, which hinders the effectiveness of the overall operation management in your company.

With Collabit’s field service management software, these complexities can now become history! Our team works hard to solve a myriad of management issues including admin heavy processes, lack of visibility of the current business situation, duplication of data management, and increased human errors.

The simplicity and flexibility we offer to collaborate with companies in a variety of industries are what makes Collabit a number one FSM software solution in the UK.

A Comprehensive Approach to Field Service Management
By choosing Collabit, we guarantee that all aspects of your business management will be accessible to your whole team in one place. When all of your employees use one software system tailored to your company’s needs, you have easy access to all the current in-house operations. This way, any setback can be fixed before any significant damage and profit loss occurs.

In addition to that, Collabit offers customizable dashboards and reports as a part of our field service management software. These remarkable features can help your company obtain visibility on a general level, including the smaller and finer details.

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