The Technical, Business and UX Skills Every Product Manager Needs

What skills does a Product Manager need at Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Meta, etc? Here's my perspective on what skills are needed to succeed that these companies with examples and explanations of each category. Hope this helps!

Table of Contents:
0:00 - Intro
0:11 - What is a Product Manager
1:11 - What technical skills does a PM need?
6:58 - What business skills does a PM need?
9:56 - What UX/Design skills does a PM need?
12:18 - Summary & Outro

A few skills I missed in the video (Thanks Cesar and Cyrus!):
- Accessibility - Remember the importance of making your products for a wide group of people which might use your product using different inputs and outputs.
- Importance on EQ - When working in a large company, politics come into play and having EQ can be beneficial so thrive in that environment.

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