the struggle of PIMPLES! // tips on dealing with + managing pimples!!

hey guys!! so today's video is going to be all about the struggle of pimples, me talking about the different kinds of pimples, why pimples are so annoying, my experience with pimples, basically just everything to do with pimples LOL... and then i share 5 tips and tricks on pimples that i have learned over the years! i hope you guys enjoy this vid! sorry for the late upload, technical difficulties LOL

disclaimer: the tip i give about removing the whiteheads of your pimples is one that has to be done VERY carefully if you don’t want an infection. it is up to you to decide if you should do this and how to do it. i assume no responsibility if something like an infection happens, just don’t squeeze or pop your pimples and don’t pinch it really really hard and you should be fine :)

also, the day this video is going up is my grandfather’s bday!! happy birthday zadie :)

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✰ thanks for watching, have a great day, i love you guys!

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