The small caps bringing top quality for the long haul

Adding exposure to smaller companies in any portfolio brings a certain amount of risk, but as Justin Woerner from Elston Asset Management points out, some additional exposure to small caps can also provide broader benefits across securities, sectors and investment themes – especially as these tend to be separate from the Top 100.

“We see our strategy as a satellite addition to what is a core larger-cap holding. Adding emerging leaders provides diversification, access to a higher growth segment of the market, and round out that overall Australian equities exposure.”
In this wire, Woerner explains why concentrating on those long-term fundamentals for a portfolio of emerging small-cap leaders can actually help navigate short-term market risks - and how one emerging market leader meets the criteria to expand both at home and abroad.

Read on: https://www.livewiremarkets.com/wires/the-small-caps-bringing-top-quality-for-the-long-haul
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