The Secrets Of Superbosses And How You Can Become One! | Jacob Morgan and Sydney Finkelstein

What is a superboss?

A leader creates other leaders, but a superboss does even more.

According to Sydney Finkelstein, author of Superbosses, a superboss is a leader who helps others accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

They make it their business to turbocharge their employees’ careers.

While most bosses are narrowly focused on performance, command, and control, a superboss has a vested interest in employees succeeding.

Learn more about being a superboss in this video.


0:00 --Intro
03:44 --Professor Finkelstein’s Career History
06:25 --Getting the idea for the book
08:58 --Distinction between a Boss and a Super Boss
14:38 --Who are Super Bosses?
16:38 --How to become a Super Boss
18:50 --The Three Categories of Super Bosses
21:21 --Executives that are not considered Super Bosses
23:24 --The Most Prominent Type of Super Bosses
24:56 --How Employees should look at their Bosses
28:50 --How Super Bosses Fit in a Corporate Hierarchy Structure
32:28 --Do you have to be in a Big Organization to be a Super Boss?
35:09 --Distinguishing Management and Leadership Roles
37:15 --Are Super Bosses Born or Made?
40:20 --How does age play a role in being a Super Boss?
42:07 --How innovation and talents play a role in being a Super Boss
50:33 --Professor Finkelstein’s Advice to become a Super Boss
52:57 --Determining a Super Boss
55:30 --Elevating from Manager to Super Boss
58:33 --Professor Finkelstein's Words of Wisdom
01:00:45 --The Future of Super Bosses

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