The Role of the Laboratory in Managing Thyroid Health

Presented By:
Dr. Tar-Choon Aw

Speaker Biography:
After completing his medical training at the University of Malaya Medical School in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Tar-Choon Aw began his residency training in Internal Medicine at Singapore General Hospital. Dr. Aw then went on to complete a Master of Medicine (M.Med) at NUS School of Medicine in Singapore, as well as board certification (MRCP) from the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom. From April to June of 1981, Dr. Aw completed his fellowship in Internal Medicine, at the King’s College Hospital & Medical School in London UK. Thereafter he completed his fellowship in Clinical Chemistry and Endocrinology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia in June 1984. Dr. Aw obtained a sub-specialty board certification in Chemical Pathology (FRCPA) from the Royal College of Pathologists in Australia, before completing the Harvard-NUS Masters in Public Policy (MPP). Dr. Aw was elected as a Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh (FRCPE) in 1999, Fellow (Chemical Pathology) of the Academy of Medicine Singapore (FAMS) in 2004 and International Fellow of the College of American Pathologists in 2020. Following his education and medical training, Dr. Aw went on to become the Chief of Lab Medicine at the National University Hospital’s (NUH) Department of Medicine as well as Lab Director at various reputable institutes including the Singapore Institute of Advanced Medicine (SAM). He later served as Attending Physician at Raffles Hospital in Singapore. Currently he is a Senior Consultant in Laboratory Medicine at Changi General Hospital as well as its Director of Chemical Pathology. Dr. Aw also taught at Monash University School of Medicine (MUSM) in Malaysia. He continues to teach at NUS School of Medicine as a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medicine. In addition to publishing over 190 professional articles and abstracts, Dr. Aw has also received numerous awards and accolades including the American Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists’ Young Investigator Award, as well as the Duke-NUS Pathology Academic Clinical Program’s Inspiring Mentor Award. Dr. Aw’s research interests and experiences in the field of internal medicine and endocrinology include that of thyroid health and disease management. To date, Dr. Aw has given over 370 lectures worldwide, in more than 20 different countries.

The Role of the Laboratory in Managing Thyroid Health

Webinar Abstract:
The prevalence of thyroid disease worldwide has served as a catalyst for healthcare providers to study various tools and methods to assist in thyroid disease management. During this session, Dr. Aw will provide a brief introduction to thyroid disease, as well as the clinical guidelines related to thyroid function tests (TFTs). Dr. Aw will also go on to explain the advantages of using TFTs as an effective tool with which to monitor thyroid health. Further, Dr. Aw will shed light on the clinical relevance and utilization of the thyrotropin receptor antibody (TRAb) test, while considering published data and findings to outline its benefits. Join us to learn more about the important role that the laboratory plays in assessing thyroid health and disease management.

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