The Role of Sanitation and FSM Actors- Day 2

Sub-theme: Practical experiences formalising the informal in FSM and creating opportunities for improved service delivery
0:00:00 1. Dr. Ruth Kennedy-Walker and Ms. Mwansa Nachula Mukuka on "Lessons learned from the Lusaka Sanitation Project: Taking a Risk on Onsite Sanitation Services for Low Income Communities in Zambia"
0:17:39 2. Mr. Uttam Kumar Saha on "Scope of Informal Pit Emptiers for Citywide FSM Service Delivery Including Reaching Slums"
0:33:06 3. Mr. Nicholas Keith Alcock on "The transforming relationship between eThekwini Water and Sanitation and Informal Sanitation Service Providers"
0:44:53 4. Mr. Sanjay Singh on "The need for collective action to impact urban Faecal Sludge Management"
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