The Rise of the Business Technologist

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Organizations that effectively support business technologists are 2.6x more likely to accelerate digital transformation.

In this episode, ThinkCast host Kasey Panetta is joined by Jaime Capella, Distinguished VP, to talk about business technologists and the democratization of digital delivery. The increase in the number of business technologists highlights a significant shift in how organizations think about technology and analytics. Technology is no longer reserved solely for IT departments and four out of five technologists work in business areas outside of IT.

[00:00] Opening Thoughts
[00:36] What is the Democratization of Digital Delivery?
[02:20] The Rise of the Business Technologist
[03:05] The Evolution of Shadow IT
[06:22] Drive More Value from IT
[07:00] Fusion Teams: A New Model for Digital Delivery
[07:45] Business Technologist Projects
[10:35] How Are Business Functions Responding?
[13:20] The Shifting Role of the CIO
[15:15] Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™
[21:21] Final Thoughts on Business Technologists
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