The Rise And Fall Of Notch - The End Of A Legacy? | TRO

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The Right Opinion: The Rise And Fall Of Notch - The End Of A Legacy | TRO

0:00 - Intro
8:49 - Making A Notch
14:33 - Making Minecraft
20:34 - "Success"
26:38 - The Torch
32:30 - Transaction
38:11 - Mo Money
44:07 - Mo Problems
50:11 - Conspiracy
56:13 - Trans Action
1:02:03 - Distance
1:07:47 - Last Person
1:13:16 - First Persson
1:19:08 - Front of the Q
1:25:25 - Legacy
1:31:09 - The End?
1:39:17 - Credits & Outro

The age old question beckons, when we all move on from this world, what will we leave behind? The truth is, none of us can ever know for certain because that moment we pass on we relinquish most control of the narrative surrounding how we’re remembered. People who have been considered controversial and problematic have been recontextualised by their death, and sometimes figures previously revered have had their involvement in some very seedy antics revealed. In some cases, a perspective will take centuries to form, and in other times it will take merely days, however, one thing that remains central in analysis of individuals is the existence of art.

I use the term “art” liberally of course here, I’m not just talking about a painting or a sculpture, I’m talking about the general product of any form of creative process that can affect someone’s life in a meaningful way. An artist’s direct words or thoughts may be long forgotten, but their creations will always serve as a window to their mind. What these works may say specifically is often down to interpretation but there are often general themes that many people identify with, which is what provides them with a following and a reputation. Upon analysis of such content, many of us draw parallels between the pieces and the person behind them, after all, art should be a bit of oneself; we enjoy identifying with others, even when it extends to maestros who we could never really hope to get near in terms of genius.

For the new generation of aspiring creatives, times have somewhat evolved, particularly with the presence of social media which enables many people to speak more directly to their chosen audience. For those who choose to use it, you may have a close up on the person behind a beloved work, and based on their behaviour you may be able to make a summary judgement if you want to delve into their works much further. However, for all the benefits that such an experience can provide, it can also play into an unhealthy parasocial relationship, one that we’ve spoken about in the past, particularly when said art may not appear to reflect a person’s character.

Yes, every now and then though anomalies appear in the system, people who may have created something wonderful that many find to be an uplifting and positive force in their life may also have negatively affected others in a marked way, either due to their actions or words separate to their art. This is where the discourse surrounding distinguishing art from the artist originates, appreciating good workmanship doesn’t necessarily presuppose a complete endorsement of the person behind it. However, over time, the bar for this sort of standard has definitely been lowered a little, with the rise of social media, and people perhaps having a bit too much time to argue, this sort of distinction has become more and more regularly employed. A prime example of such a trend is JK Rowling, a previously renowned celebrity who took a political position that was contrary to many of her colleagues and fans. If she’d never sent out a Tweet on the matter many people who probably regard her with disdain would still adore her.

Humans are complex multifaceted creatures; many of whom are deeply troubled and don’t necessarily benefit from the public spotlight, sometimes leaving us to wonder whether we knew them as well as we thought we did, and perhaps wishing we didn’t know them as well now. This is what leads to probably the most quintessentially Gen Z example: a gentleman by the name Markus Persson, or as he is known to many online: Notch.

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