The rhythm of leadership | Michael Angelo Caruso | Full keynote

"The Rhythm of Leadership" is Michael Angelo Caruso full keynote for leaders gathered in Chattanooga. Time stamps and topics below...

Talking points include:

6:30 The obligation to change (improve)
8:00 Leaders cannot make everyone happy
11:00 Persuasion for leaders
12:50 Time management
14:00 The power of connection (Rotary)
16:30 MAC's "Present Like a Pro" group on Facebook
17:15 The DETAILS in pencil drawings
20:00 Leaders, you are not a taco!
20:30 Be purposeful in every thing you do
21:15 Club visits as AUDITIONS
22:30 Guaranteed engagement from your team
23:45 Your team members EXPECT you to ask them for stuff
24:30 Get Michael's free presentation check list
25:30 MAC's free leadership ebook to polish your skills
27:00 Identifying leadership in the room
29:00 AMA (Ask Michael Anything - QNA)
34:45 Artistry in leadership (triangles, 3s, negative space)
35:30 Sometimes leadership is what you leave OUT
38:15 MAC recognizes his aide Bruce McNeal
39:30 Use Michael to raise $10K (net!) for your Rotary Club
40:30 Info products giveaway
42:45 Goodbye story ("Above the Clouds")

Recorded at the 2022 Mid-South Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Remember, the team usually improves right after the leader does.

Michael Angelo Caruso delivers a fantastic keynote on leadership that’s both educational and entertaining. The session covers what your leadership group needs to know about the best ways to educate, motivate, and reward team members.

He’ll talk about ways to handle the four most challenging work personalities, giving special attention to handling negative people.

You’ll learn a simple, yet effective technique for confidence that few leaders use and the best way to offer criticism. Unfortunately, most managers try to motivate employees using three tools that usually don’t motivate: job descriptions, performance reviews and evaluation forms that are linked to money.

It turns out that money doesn’t motivate most employees anyway.

Michael uses the amazing power of story to motivate leaders who attend his presentations.

He covers:

• Why money does not motivate most people
• Two things that motivate people almost every time
• 5 Cool Ideas for dealing with under-performers
• Why most job descriptions are de-motivating
• The #1 thing workers want (but don’t get) from managers
• Why performance reviews should be unpredictable
• Why you should never start a meeting late
• A secret for interviewing job applicants that’ll save your job
• How to deal with the 4 most challenging personalities
• Cool Ideas for dealing with negativity
• A fun way to guarantee feedback from your team
• Tips on how to instantly improve your presentation skills
• A simple technique for confidence
• How to read people better and faster
• The fastest way to show interest in someone
• Improve your vocabulary quickly and cheaply
• Find the Power Seat in any room
• The lost secret of how to give a compliment
• 5 Cool Ideas on how to be a better role model
• How to be less of a boss and more of a coach
• Never be the bad guy again
• The “Reward/Consequence” proposal; why it works so well
• The “LB/NT” technique; the best way to offer criticism
• The 15 most powerful words

More on Michael at his website. Join his "Present Like a Pro Group" on Facebook for ongoing speaking tips.

Michael Angelo Caruso teaches presentation skills that will help you command the room, get noticed and advance your career. If you’re a leader or salesperson, Michael will help you become a better presenter for the rest of your life.
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