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Most doctors ignore the importance that food plays in the development of acid reflux disease (heartburn/GERD), and are quick to prescribe anti acid medications. This approach is flawed. Not only do these medications not fix the origin of the problem, they induce several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A recent study found that commonly prescribed drugs like Nexium actually contribute to bone loss (major problem for celiac disease patients).

If you want to find out about the QUICKEST way to solve your heartburn problem naturally, make sure to apply this information.

This video is a crash course break down on the following:
1. Heartburn Vs. GI tract irritation
2. Diagnostic testing for GERD
3. Drugs That Damage the GI tract
4. Major triggers for heartburn
5. Gluten and heartburn
6. Natural relief of heartburn

My favorite supplements to combat inflammation and support gut health -
GI Soothe:
GI Shield:
Ultra Digest:

Additional support resources -
Food Sensitivity Testing:
Information on Fasting:

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