The Quantum Realm I The Compound & Friends #99

On episode 99 of The Compound and Friends, Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown are joined by Ian Cassel to discuss microcap stocks, the state of the economy, how to analyze a company's management team, how investing is like golf, Silicon Valley on drugs, and much more!

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More from Ian:

00:00 - Cold Open
05:47 - How Ian got into micro-caps
12:47 - How do we define micro-caps?
16:26 - Who is trading micro-caps?
23:12 - What about bad actors in the space?
30:51 - Micro-caps in relation to the market
40:36 - From Hustle to Scale
47:15 - The markets are looking better?
53:50 - Where is the Recession?
59:04 - AI Surprise
01:03:19 - Investing is like Golf
01:07:10 - Everyone in Silicon Valley is on Drugs
01:11:14 - Favorites

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