The PROBLEM with Active Recall and Spaced Repetition (Truth Behind Studying Smarter)

Sorry for the long video but this is important. Maybe one of the most important study skills videos I've made. Active recall and spaced repetition are effective techniques, but relying on them is not going to work out for the majority of students. If your problems aren't with retrieval then it's an uphill battle that you will lose eventually.

If you search for "study skills" or "how to study faster" or listen to the advice of many study gurus, they will put active recall and spaced repetition on a pedestal. As someone who has gone through all of that, and worked with thousands of students in real practice, I can tell you that this is not even half of the full story. I hope you learn something new and see things differently.

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Justin Sung is an ex-junior doctor who is passionate about creating efficient and meaningful change. He believes that a culture of spoon-feeding and tutoring is a societal issue and that most people are not making good career decisions - especially around medicine. He has worked with thousands of students for over 10 years, teaching them to manage their studies and time more efficiently using evidence-based and rigorously field-tested techniques.
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