The Pathway to Excellence In Asset Management - a new IAM Maturity Scale and Guide

Many take asset management for granted: in modern economies clean water flows, energy turns on at the flick of a switch and we travel across transportation networks without much thought to the infrastructure. When there are system failures, it is often seen as a failure to address the basics of investment or maintenance. Getting these organisational competencies right is therefore vital. But why bother doing any more than such basics? The answer is that there are big ‘added value’ benefits from doing so. In particular, doing ‘more than the minimum’ delivers very considerable increases in sustained performance outcomes.

The route for an organisation seeking to rise from competence to excellence requires careful consideration. There is no universal formula or checklist to be satisfied, because the unique assets and context of each organisation generate opportunities for some and constraints for others.

We believe that the need for, and benefits from, excellence in Asset Management have never been stronger. Our society and organisations rely on increasingly complex, critical asset systems and we face ever-greater demands, uncertainties, constraints and new opportunities. The holistic, value-centric discipline of Asset Management is itself maturing in response, with an extensive body of knowledge about what can be done to sustain and maximise value. And much of this lies beyond the scope of the ‘merely competent’ – it is time to raise our sights to achieve and deliver excellence in asset management.
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