The Overwatch 2 beta is kind of a dud

Overwatch 2 entered closed beta this week and the hot takes are flying. This week’s roundup collects critical discourse from content creators, critics, and even our own audience.

In other news, NYC sues Activision Blizzard over the Microsoft merger, America’s Army is no more, Reggie Fils-Aime wrote a book, and a Modder works magic with a toy controller.

This week’s 5-Second Review has Bryan reminiscing about Rogue from the X-men and the Coming Soon section has a wild collection of neat-looking indie titles as well as Evil Dead: The Game.

Thanks for watching everyone and have a great weekend.

00:00 - The Overwatch 2 beta is kind of a dud
03:18 - NYC funds sue Activision over Microsoft merger
04:25 - Army recruitment game shuts down
05:16 - Reggie was the reason we got Wii Sports pack-in
06:09 - Modder turns toy controller into the real deal
06:55 - 5-Second Review
07:16 - Coming Soon

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