The New EM360 Website: A Place to Publish, Learn and Earn

Today's professional networking websites have devolved into the same reposting of social media nonsense.

The content has strayed too far from what is relevant to you, your field and your development as an IT professional.

And we're here to change that.

Introducing the new EM360 website, a place to publish, learn and earn while growing your place in the enterprise tech world.

In this very special episode of the EM360 Podcast, Editor Matt Harris joins EM360's Founder Michael Lodge and EM360's Head of Operations Ripon Deb to discuss:
- Designing a platform with a community-first mindset
- The biggest CX and UX turn offs and how EM360 solves this on a digital level
- The secret to success in B2B tech

Find out more about EM360 by visiting our new website:
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