The Mutual Fund Isn’t Your Only Option - What Are Index Funds & ETFs? How Should You Invest?

Mutual funds have dominated the investing market for decades. They're pushed by the major banks, and the older generation got used to using them to invest in funds that track the market as opposed to individuals stocks, which are riskier. The thing is - mutual funds usually come with high fees. The banks push mutual funds because they can take a high management fee for actively managing the fund for you.. and that's simply not necessary. You can invest in easier, more passive ways with lower fees so you can keep more of your money. And today we'll break down what those other options are - like index funds and ETFs.

0:00 Mutual funds aren't your only option
0:48 What are funds?
2:14 What are mutual funds?
5:32 What are index funds?
9:17 What are ETFs?
11:13 What should you choose?

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