The Multi-Cloud Expedition Episode 7: Simplified Kubernetes Management

Critical to a company’s success are secure, well performing applications providing crucial functionality to customers and employees. Expedient updates, both for new functionality and fixes for issue resolution or security breaches, are key for seeing value. More and more applications are being modernized to leverage Kubernetes for these reasons.

In this seventh episode of the Multi-Cloud Expedition, join host Alexander Romero, Senior Director of Cross-Cloud Services at VMware, as he leads a discussion around automating Kubernetes platforms for operations outcomes including operational efficiency, choice of clusters with safeguards, enterprise security plus scalability and resilience.

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Chapter Segments:
0:00 – Host Welcome, Alexander Romero, Sr. Director Cross-Cloud Services: What is the Multi-Cloud Expedition? Customer Journey from cloud first to cloud smart. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/romeroag/)
3:42 – Recap of episodes 1-6 & overview of this episode: Simplified Kubernetes Management.
7:09 – SME Intro: Darin Zook; Product Link Marketing Manager, VMware Tanzu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/darinzook/)
9:26 – State of Kubernetes Report 2023 – leveraging Kubernetes is transforming business operations.
12:30 – Kubernetes and containers – the new layer of abstraction.
14:50 – Not every application belongs in containers but those which can be modernized will iterate faster.
18:25 – State of Kubernetes in the industry – seeing cluster counts double year over year. (https://tanzu.vmware.com/content/ebooks/stateofkubernetes-2023)
20:20 – CNCF landscape capturing the complexity of open-source tool availability, including challenges like skill sets. (https://landscape.cncf.io/)
24:55 – Achieving operational efficiency of CNCF conformant runtimes in multi-cloud with Tanzu Kubernetes Operations (TKO), without ops teams having to learn YAML. (https://tanzu.vmware.com/kubernetes-operations)
31:10 – Demo: Managing Kubernetes clusters with Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) including deployment of packages to specific clusters. (https://tanzu.vmware.com/mission-control)
35:01 – Providing centralized cluster, namespace, etc. management across all public and private clouds.
39:29 – Challenge of security inconsistency with numerous tools across different clouds and application types.
45:35 – Deeper on security with Tanzu Service Mesh in Episode 3. (https://blogs.vmware.com/multi-cloud/2023/04/05/the-multi-cloud-expedition-advanced-strategies-for-governance-and-security/)
46:42 – Demo: Consistent security across multiple cloud types with TMC - especially identity and access control. (https://tanzu.vmware.com/mission-control)
49:53 – Example discussion on supporting data sovereignty across clusters and countries.
52:00 – Kubernetes lifecycle and how Tanzu Labs educates around people and process for long term success – Develop, Operate and Optimize. (https://tanzu.vmware.com/labs)
56:15 – Q&A – Is Tanzu Mission Control helpful for smaller businesses and teams just getting started?
58:32 – Wrap up: Today’s topic review.
1:00:07 – Attending VMware Explore Las Vegas? Look for great Cross-Cloud Services content on-site! There will also be 2 LinkedIn Live Multi-Cloud Expedition broadcasts covering sessions related to the top 10 multi-cloud challenges we’ve heard from customers. (https://crosscloud.vmware.com/explore)
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