The Multi-Cloud Expedition Episode 6: Modernizing Your Datacenter for Multi-Cloud

There can be no doubt we are living in a multi-cloud world. That world isn’t just public clouds but also traditional, on-premises datacenters. Efficiency requires even traditional datacenters to function like, and have capabilities of, public clouds. And true success requires those capabilities to be consistent across on-premises and multiple public clouds.

In this sixth episode of The Multi-Cloud Expedition, we’ll discuss the benefits of extending a cloud operating model from on-premises through public cloud providers. The flexibility provided with consistent infrastructure and tools across all environments, increasing scalability and visibility while avoiding lock-in.

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Chapter Segments:
0:00 – Host Welcome, Alexander Romero, Sr. Director Cross-Cloud Services: What is the Multi-Cloud Expedition? Customer Journey from cloud first to cloud smart. https://www.linkedin.com/in/romeroag/
2:45 – Recap of episodes 1-5 & overview of this episode: Modernizing your datacenter for multi-cloud.
4:57 – Industry Expert Intro: David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer Deloitte Consulting
Book: An Insider's Guide to Cloud Computing https://a.co/d/adnGxWn
6:56 – Spending 2.5x on operations in the cloud vs. on premises due to lack of central, common strategy. Hitting the chaos wall.
11:10 – 6 vision areas: App development; Management with cost; Infrastructure consistency (on-prem, cloud & edge); Security; End-user access; Data.
14:38 – Need guardrails, not mandates; make sure everyone agrees and can adhere to commonalities while innovating. Ex: Meta or Super Cloud.
19:58 – Operations model and culture to ensure ROI of multi-cloud.
24:21 – SME Intro: Rick Walsworth, Director Product Marketing, VMware
27:21 – Top 3 pain points getting to a cloud operating model: Efficient Operations; Rapid Innovation; Flexible Consumption.
30:45 – Multi-cloud success through extended cloud model with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). https://www.vmware.com/products/cloud-foundation.html
34:14 – Demo: One tool to manage infra on premises and in clouds: Aria Operations https://www.vmware.com/products/aria-operations.html
38:50 - Migrating apps with updated architecture and DevOps models built into vSphere with Tanzu.
41:08 – Automation for developers while leveraging existing vm admins’ skill for rapid innovation.
43:05 – Demo: VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu where cloud admins support developers deploying their own conformant Kubernetes clusters via command line. https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/products/cloud-foundation/vmw-modern-apps-cloud-foundation-solution-overview.pdf
46:09 – Same operational model and developer experience on prem and in public clouds.
48:57 – Cloud model on prem with flexible consumption including licensing, bursting capacity, and new service use real-time.
51:37 – Demo: Consuming VMware Cloud Disaster Recover (VCDR) on-demand with VCF. https://www.vmware.com/products/cloud-disaster-recovery.html More on VCDR available in Episode 4. https://via.vmw.com/MCE-Episode4
54:34 – Q&A – How can someone get started with VCF and setup their own lab? Check out the VCF Holodeck Toolkit https://core.vmware.com/introducing-holodeck-toolkit
56:15 – Q&A - Can you please elaborate a little about 2.5x cost. for ex. what are the sources of costs?
59:48 – Wrap up: Today’s topic review; Look for our next episode on Simplified Kubernetes Management (https://via.vmw.com/MCE-Episode7) – Great Cross-Cloud Services content planned for VMware Explore Las Vegas (https://via.vmw.com/CrossCloudExplore)
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