The most powerful tool to regenerate land - Dr Judi Earl

Dr Judi Earl has been studying and preaching the critical role of livestock in land regeneration and restoration of health and productivity for over 20 years. After advising and training hundreds of graziers and land managers, Judi decided it was time to put the principles of Holistic Management into practice on her own land. The purchase of ‘Glen Orton’ – the ‘GO’ in 2011 provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the capacity of grazing animals to regenerate land.

Judi believes that grazing livestock are the most powerful tool we have available to regenerate land. To achieve this outcome the movement of livestock across the landscape has to be coordinated in tune with natural cycles. The grazing management principles course provides evidence-based information to graziers to improve the profitability and health of their grazing enterprises. Judi’s unique ability to distill complex scientific concepts into actionable steps for land managers is invaluable.

In this webinar, we take a journey through Judi’s incredible life experience working alongside some of the greats in the Holistic management space as well as the lessons she has learnt on the “GO.” We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did, and if you would like to learn more about Dr Judi Earl’s work and the Grazing Management Principles course, head over to

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