The Modernisation of the Chinese Navy: the Rise of a Great Naval Power

What we have witnessed over the last two decades is one of the greatest episodes of naval expansion in modern history, a trend that is only set to continue. The PLA(N) is now the world’s largest navy, and with increasingly modern classes of vessels, China will very soon be in a position to challenge the United States for global naval hegemony. But why did this happen? How did a land power grow to become a competitor to the greatest naval power in human history so fast? This documentary explores the modern history of China’s relationship with the ocean, the development of Chinese naval strategy and the new classes of ships and submarines that have led to the emergence of a new great naval power. The stage is set for the first half of the 21st century to be a historic contest between Beijing and Washington for the position of global hegemon, and it is China’s navy which is the foundation of that challenge.

0:00 China's Relationship with the Sea
10:00 China's Maritime Strategy
19:06 The A2/AD Complex
33:35 Capital Ships
45:49 Cruisers and Destroyers
51:17 Frigates and Corvettes
54:25 Submarines
1:03:11 The Fight for Global Naval Hegemony
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