The Modern Data Team

In this talk, we will deep-dive into how trends in data technology (e.g. the “modern data stack”) call for changes in how teams work with data, and in turn how data specialists work within those teams. In particular, this talk unpacks how Flexport approaches data contracts, management, and governance, and the central role that Analytics Engineers and Product Analysts play in these processes.

Abhi is a Growth and Analytics leader who currently leads Product-Led Growth, Product Analytics, and Analytics Engineering at Flexport, where he has helped to lead these and other functions through 10x growth over the past 3 years. Previously, Abhi led growth and data teams at Keap, Hustle, and Honeybook. Abhi is an active advisor and investor in the martech and data tech spaces and his unsolicited musings can be found on twitter @_abhisivasailam.

Resources: slides available here https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YGdJZgPV7g6moR9VfjgHKcJFcKKVzu1gC7SiD7WpwBA/edit?usp=sharing
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