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AWL - The mobile life organization application for women
A new and unique application!

The AWL application is to help women in their daily organization. Its purpose? To allow women to find time for themselves, to find a balance within their home and to blossom in their daily lives as women!

Why use the AWL application?

Integrating 12 functions, it allows to lighten the workload within the household.

A real organization tool: To do lists, diary management, weekly menus,... So many tools to optimize your days, to free up your time.

This application gathers a maximum of data allowing to follow the evolution of our life as women (menstrual tracking, weight tracking, home management, new goals...), but also to follow the evolution of our children! A 100% feminine and customizable application allowing us to be more organized, to find a perfect balance at home, but also to fully live our life as women.

Discover the functions...

- Menus of the week
Organize yourself better
daily. Program all of your menus in advance and fill your shopping list as you go.

- Personalized to-do list
To be well organized, it is important to list the things you have to do during the day/week/month. Highlight your priorities and follow your progress!

- Personalized schedule
In a few clicks, organize your days with a schedule that suits you. No event will be missed: activities, leisure, appointments ...

- Household planning
Schedule your household chores to optimize your time and take full advantage of your free time!

- Daily shopping
No more lists on pieces of paper to be rewritten for each errand
Discover your new virtual shopping list so you never forget anything

- Expenses of the month
Manage your expenses by having a global vision of your purchases. Do your accounts regularly and regain control of your finances!

- Weight tracking
Track your weight using this feature, set a goal and
track your progress while motivating yourself; weight loss display,
remaining weight, objective, evolutionary curve; so it's up to you!

- The children and me
Features reserved for your little ones! You will be able to have a file for each child and follow their weight and height evolution. Personalize everyone's spaces with great photos!

- Menstrual Tracking
When was my last period?
Thanks to our menstrual tracking feature you will no longer have to ask yourself this question,
enter your period start and end dates every month.

- Recipes
From now on, prepare your shopping lists in order to make your favorite recipes! Classify and categorize your dishes, using this new 100% digital and customizable recipe book!

- Tracker of the month
With this tracker, set goals and follow their evolution!

- Fruits and vegetables
Eating seasonal produce is essential! We therefore provide you with a list of
fruits and vegetables for each month.

Designed by a woman for women

This is your new dashboard ladies.

Did you dream about it? We did it!

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