The "Luckiest Trader in the World" - Tom Brown

Tom Brown is a trading veteran with over 20 years of experience. Learn how he went from following stock alerts to becoming a self-sufficient trader and why he considers himself the luckiest trader ever.

0:00 Introduction
7:32 Beginning Days of Trading & Following Alerts
15:50 The Gift / Luck of "Reading People"
23:23 Lessons over Time in Trading (Risk Management, Niche, etc.)
31:29 Tom's Favorite Setups and Developing Levels ("Lines")
41:00 The Path from Following Alerts to Self-Sufficiency
56:40 The Less Flattering Parts of Trading
1:09:50 Reducing Noise
1:12:15 Tom's thoughts on Paper Trading
1:16:48 Rapid Fire Round

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