The Low Cost of Governance and the Rising Challenge of Violent Resistance in China.

The governance model in China presents a significant challenge due to its potential to spark violent resistance. If Chinese society experiences economic development and improved living standards, instances of violent resistance would be rare. Conversely, during times of economic stagnation, declining incomes, and deteriorating living conditions, individuals find their interests suppressed, particularly in rural communities with strong social connections. In such circumstances, oppressive actions by village authorities and party secretaries may trigger violent resistance, spreading as an example for others. Despite government efforts to suppress violent resistance, the extent of information control exerted by the CCP ensures that news of these acts can be effectively suppressed, leaving the outside world largely unaware of their occurrence. This reflects the current state of affairs in China, with an increasing level of suppression, a prevailing sense of hostility, and a projected surge in both the frequency and severity of violent resistance incidents.

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