The KITE Abstraction Framework for AI Governance and ESG for Sustainability

The Red Cross innovative KITE conceptualised abstraction framework helps reduce the complexities in AI when addressing ESG. It enables driving AI for sustainability in more structured, systematic, transparent, and collaborative ways.

The leaders can adopt this framework to drive the purpose of AI initiatives addressing the key success factors. Irrespective of the complexity of the AI application, this framework analyses the 4 key dimensions of
1. AI,
2. Organization,
3. Society, and
4. Sustainability.
The interdependencies of these dimensions enable addressing of AI strategy, AI for Good and social diversity, equity and inclusion in AI. It supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Further, it helps organizational governance and responsibilities by guiding the orchestration of people, culture and AI mission towards sustainability.

Ultimately, this abstraction framework can underpin Sustainable AI for Sustainability.
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