The key to relationship-centric organization

Relationship management is commonly used in the context of managing relationships with your enterprise customers or clients. But did you know that if you become a truly relationship-centric organization, it is far easier to become customer-centric?

In this episode, Maureen and I discuss business relationship management, the role, the function, and how it can add value to your organization's goals.

In this episode, we are talking about:
* The difference between BRM and CRM
* Why are BRM practices important in an organization?
* Product owner versus BRM.
* Where do PM, PMO, BA, CM, and BRM fit?
* How does BRM work beyond IT organization?
* What are the signs that an organization needs BRM?
* The business case for BRM function?
* How has this evolved post-pandemic?
* Importance of relationship-centered organization.

Maureen Jesuthasan is a Senior Manager at West Monroe, a U.S.-based management consulting firm focused on industry, technology, and business transformation. She is an experienced strategist and decision-maker with a proven record of optimizing IT services while significantly reducing cost and increasing operational efficiency. As part of this process, she creates business specifications for enhancements through Business Relationship Management (BRM), Lean, and Lean Six Sigma capabilities.

She has a bachelor's degree from Berry College and possesses advanced certifications in Business Relationship Management, Change Management, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and ITIL. She is one of 10 individuals who has earned Master of Business Relationship (MBRM) certification. She is a recognized thought leader in building relationship-centered organizations and has presented at conferences and TEDx events on this topic.

She is also working with a team sponsored by the Business Relationship Management Institute to develop a methodology that highlights how positive relationships can inspire value.

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